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The McKenzie family - Allan, Alana, Kale, Maddi, Slade and Reba.

McKenzie Horsemanship Ranch is located North East of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.  We build solid foundations in client's horses as well as offering sale horses with a solid foundation.  We believe in Ray Hunt's methods of Horsemanship.  We have had a lifelong love and relationship with horses and have raised our children, Kale and Reba to understand this . 

While attending clinics, our mentor, Ray Hunt has shared many of his philosophies with us with regards to an in-depth study of horse/man relationships.  We also credit Bill and Tom Dorrance for sharing their incredible knowledge on how horses think and operate and the importance of "feel".

Ray Hunt Philosophies

We have listed some of our beliefs below taken from Ray's book "Think Harmony with Horses"  and from notes taken at his clinics we attended.

  • You have to get discipline within yourself so that you can have it with your horse.  If you don't, this will cause your horse to get cranky and take over - get to doing a lot of things wrong.  It's because he knows you don't mean what you are talking about, because you are not effective with what you are asking him to do.  To be effective, teaching must be understood.
  • A common practice with today's horse trainers is that where knowledge ends, abuse begins.
  • We don't want fear.  Fear and respect are two different things.  Respect you have to have whether it's with a friend or anyone.  To do business you have to have respect and understanding or it will fail.  You can be happy while getting this respect and not hard or abusive.
  • There is a better way of doing things so that the horse gets more sure.  He learns something every day, he has to worry less about it, he gets more confident in himself and in us.  It is a learning thing.
  • Realize you are working with a mind.  A lot of people just think that it's a horse, but there is a mind operating that horse.  This mind gets him doing things because he WANTS to do them.
  • It's pretty tough to work a horse when he is troubled.
  • Ray's goal was to get him to turn loose.  To get him to not be troubled.
  • Working against you...you don't need it.  Working for you... you can't beat it.
  • Be particular but don't be critical.
  • Everybody knows how to make war, but not many know how to make peace with their horse.  When he's  at peace, we're equal.
  • Sometimes also, people try to teach a horse to do something he's not really capable of doing at that time.  It's important to recognize how much a horse can do and how much to ask of him.
  • We need to recognize the smallest try, realize the slightest change.
  • I don't know how many will truly understand what it means to the horse.

Our Belief

We get many horses here that have come from "professional trainers" who send the horse home as a "problem horse".  These horses can do it, it's just that simple.  IF you can offer it to the horse.  So, it has to come from the rider to the horse.  The rider has to make a lot of adjustments so that the horse can understand.

This is just like a child learning in school.  First you must prepare him to learn.  You must build his confidence and allow him the time to think and understand.  You don't send a child who is at the kindergarten level to the eighth grade.  They first need to be in a learning frame of mind.  Then you build on their knowledge.  The slower  you go, the quicker they learn.  

This is how we approach all our horses.  So they become confident and develop a love of learning.  So they believe and trust in us, enjoy being around us and look forward to  learning.


The McKenzies


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